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Critzc : Hand, sound & Anim of original compile
Sir Yalazer : Model & Texture
Sakuragi : UV Map


-this is the v1.0 version. texture made by the noobest noob of texturing
-this version only launched in CSF site and CELL 1 Clan wall. might launch it in GB if nobody remaster this.
-Thank you very much to Sakuragi for super duper easy UV Map. you UV work like magic! biggrin
-im sorry schiff but i can't wait forever , so i made my own version ;>
-known texture error : - colorful line in every edge : even tough its visible that much. there are colorful line in every edge. this is due to Sakuragi UV Method & and my lack of texturing skill.
- The barrel shadow : i lost the .psd so can't really fix that one.
- to bland , i guess

for those who use VTR weapon plug in this is its script :

[category]1[type]1[name]PINDAD SS1-V5[model]ss1v5[csw]28[style]0[b_model][p_model]ss1v5[w_model]ss1v5[b_submodel]0[p_submodel]3[w_submodel]3[damage]1.3[speed]1.1[zoom]3[clip]30[ammo]90[recoil]2.2[accuracy]1[gravity]185.0[knockback]0.35[reload]3.2[deploy]0.8[sight_time]0.25[sight_model]ss1v5_s[sprint]1[sprint_delay]0.3[team][cost]5500

so that is it.

have a good day.
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