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DavidJr's Projects
Grade: Commander DavidJrDate: Wednesday, 16 May 12, 7:08 PM | Message # 1
Clan: Executive
Experience: 2256
Status: Offline
DavidJr's Projects

Here is some of my projects below if you want to know what am I going to do.. happy

Just comment for any suggestion for my projects.. Please not to requesting.. All of my projects will be posted here DavidJr's Updates after it done.. I'm not hope for any reputations, but for your feedback is enough.. smile


  • CSPB Title

  • Progress done: 100%
  • CSPB Crosshair

    • Changelog:
    • V1.0 First release, bug version (Snipers have crosshair)
    • V1.1 Added 3 crosshair type, Added crosshair menu, fix bug (Snipers do not have crosshair)

  • CSPB Helmet Protection
  • Frag Kill
    /* Plugin generated by AMXX-Studio */

    #include <amxmodx>
    #include <amxmisc>

    #define PLUGIN "Frag Kill"
    #define VERSION "1.0"
    #define AUTHOR "DavidJr"

    new frag_kill
    new frag_hs
    new frag_revenge
    new frag_hs_revenge
    new frag_knife
    new frag_2

    public plugin_init() {
            register_plugin(PLUGIN, VERSION, AUTHOR)
            register_event("DeathMsg", "event_DeathMsg", "a")
            register_event("HLTV", "event_round_start", "a", "1=0", "2=0")
    public plugin_precache()
            frag_kill = precache_model("sprites/DavidJr/frag_kill.spr")
            frag_hs = precache_model("sprites/DavidJr/frag_hs.spr")
            frag_revenge = precache_model("sprites/DavidJr/frag_revenge.spr)
            frag_hs_revenge = precache_model("sprites/DavidJr/frag_hs_revenge.spr")
            frag_knife = precache_model("sprites/DavidJr/frag_knife.spr")
            frag_2 = precache_model("sprites/DavidJr/frag_2.spr")

    Just be patience

  • CSPB Inventory

    Progress: 25%


  • L115A1
  • Kriss S. V

Big Project:

Dino Mode Beta 3

Progress: 100% Done

[c]Dino Mode Beta 4

Progres: 0%

Team Projects can be found here: CSF Project

If my hardworks are great, you can donate some talktime or pulsa to: 089662197196

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Personal Site | CSF Website
Grade: Colonel TrueFalseDate: Thursday, 17 May 12, 1:45 PM | Message # 31
Clan: Member
Experience: 522
Status: Offline
Nunggu BGT

< img border="0" src="" />
Grade: Commander DavidJrDate: Thursday, 17 May 12, 7:07 PM | Message # 32
Clan: Executive
Experience: 2256
Status: Offline
Diusahakan ya agan" biggrin thanks yang udh support

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Personal Site | CSF Website
Grade: Copral rionaldiDate: Friday, 18 May 12, 11:29 AM | Message # 33
Clan: Member
Experience: 27
Status: Offline
mw nny .. qlo gak pke nst_weapon bsa gak gan .. coz ke apus abis di install ulang .. xD
Grade: Captain SaburoMitsuoDate: Friday, 18 May 12, 10:40 PM | Message # 34
Clan: Member
Experience: 121
Status: Offline
ane tunggu Plugins Crosshairnya om.. biggrin

Grade: Brigadir itsmeagustDate: Sunday, 20 May 12, 11:39 AM | Message # 35
Clan: Member
Experience: 505
Status: Offline
kren banget..

buy menunya kayak pb..
kapan-kapan dishare ya gan..

Grade: Trainee VjFaris05Date: Tuesday, 22 May 12, 10:15 PM | Message # 36
Clan: Member
Experience: 9
Status: Offline
Gagal Juga pertamaxx wink wink wink
Moga cepet jadi bG DavidJr respect
Grade: Lt. Colonel lourenzioDate: Wednesday, 23 May 12, 12:16 PM | Message # 37
Lt. Colonel
Clan: Member
Experience: 166
Status: Offline
Ditunggu yg Titlenya gan David cool cool
btw, titlenya kok keliatan kabur ya?? happy happy

Remember!!! All Your Skins and Your any mod is Safety just on My Own
I Never share Your Skins or Anything about your mod, I Never said Your Skins is Mine and I Never share what I make!!!
I just want to say Thank's to make a better skins for my Mod and Never think i'm a Leecher!!!
My mod is Personal only and based by you guys :D
Without you Guys, I'm Nothing...
Thank's CSF

Don't say me a Leecher

Or I wanna Find You

I wanna do this to You

And This
Grade: Lt. Colonel BmPs1234Date: Wednesday, 23 May 12, 6:54 PM | Message # 38
Lt. Colonel
Clan: Member
Experience: 210
Status: Offline
Ane mau Tuh Crosshair PLsss ane Telat kasih tau dong link nya cry cry cry cry
Grade: Commander Ozz1997Date: Friday, 25 May 12, 7:49 PM | Message # 39
Title: CSF War Head
Clan: Member
Experience: 1533
Status: Offline
Good job!

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
Kita hidup untuk membuktikan, sesulit apapun suatu tantangan kalau kita merintanginya dengan kesabaran maka akan mudah untuk kita lewati. Buktikan dulu sebelum menyerah.
-Ozziel Coolz-
Grade: Sergeant -RedBullersGunnersDate: Friday, 01 June 12, 5:53 PM | Message # 40
Clan: Member
Experience: 72
Status: Offline
ado.. Paling Ujung Gan

Buka THREAD->Download->Beri REP++ & Comment ^_^

Buka THREAD->Download->Kabur gx ninggalin apapun ~_~''
Grade: Copral YoushouDate: Tuesday, 17 July 12, 8:20 PM | Message # 41
Clan: Member
Experience: 44
Status: Offline
crosshairnya mantep bang DavidJr. kalo bisa plugin crosshairnya nambahin crosshair2 yg nggak ada di pb kyk crosshairnya UT3 ato Q3 gan.

Beginner CS Modder. Weapon Sprites Maker, Hack Model, Retexture, and BSP GoldSrc porter :D

Reload. Rev Up. Ride Out.
Grade: Copral JuslTlrYDate: Saturday, 28 July 12, 11:25 AM | Message # 42
Clan: Member
Experience: 16
Status: Offline

Dino mode saya waktu dibuka ada tulisan

Fatal Error
"Failed to initialize authentification interface. Exiting..."

Solusinya gmana mas?
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