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Counter Strike 1.6 Semi-realistic firing sound 1.0
[ · Screenshot ] 14 April 15, 8:14 PM

Replace your boring CS 1.6 firing sounds with this new firing sounds. :D
You can also add FPS firing sound by list the sound name in the qc files.
For example:
$sequence "shoot1" "shoot1" fps 60 { event 5001 0 "15" } { event 5004 1 "weapons/mp5k_shoot-3.wav" }

YouTube videos

(Btw... the HD sound is not recommended for CS 1.6 or any Goldsource engine)
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Thank you. :)


By the way, please copy then paste g3sg1-1 then rename the copied file to g3sg1-2, also rename usp-1 to usp1. Thanks. By the way there is no Desert Eagle sounds. Cause i don't have enough time to make it :) You can enjoy all of my firing sounds in CSF Mods soon!

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